England in a day – Part 1

Our ‘England in a day’ tour was a source of much amusement amongst our friends in England. It was an ambitious journey from London to the Stonehenge on the Salisbury plains, the city of  Bath housing the famous Roman Baths, onto Stratford-upon-Avon which is the birthplace and home of William Shakespeare with a drive through the picturesque Cotswolds, and back to London. All of this in one day. However, it worked and we had a magical time visiting all the places.

At the Stonehenge!

First stop was the mysterious Stonehenge. Frankly, it was just some stones piled in a fashion but I was excited nonetheless and enjoyed the narration even though I secretly felt that it was ‘Much ado about nothing’. I think I would have offended everybody in the vicinity if I had voiced that opinion. Well, it is a World Heritage Site and I can say ‘been there, done that’ 🙂 The trip only got better from here.

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