England in a day – Part 2

Next on the agenda was the beautiful city of Bath. It sits on seven hills, much like Rome — no wonder the Romans set up home here as quickly as they could 🙂 We visited the Roman Bath Museum which also includes the ancient Roman temple of Sulis Minerva in its complex. It was certainly one of the best museums I have been to and was truly unusual. After a quick lunch of Cornish Pasties and Banana Nut Bread, we were off to the bard’s home inStratford-upon-Avon.

Outside the bard’s birthplace …

This quaint little town sits on the river Avon and is obviously besotted to the person who pinned the little-known-town on the world’s map centuries ago! William Shakespeare is the pedestaled and undisputed hero here. We visited the Birthplace Museum which transported one to his era. We sat in the garden cafe in his former home sipping champagne and scones with strawberries, jam, and clotted cream, while actors spouted lines from his plays. That was a worthy end to a fantastic day that had us travel through the ages too — from the prehistoric to the medieval to the renaissance.

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