London in a day – Part 2

From near the river Thames, we went to Westminster. After admiring the Big Ben and deciding to not enter the Houses of Parliament (there was a 2 hour wait) much to my disappointment (the architecture is breathtaking!), we went to Westminster Abbey. From here, we took the much recommended walk to Trafalgar Square along Downing Street.

In Trafalgar Square with a display in the background counting down to the Olympics 2012

After a quick walk through Trafalgar Square, we walked into the National Portrait Gallery. The gallery is absolutely fantastic. There was a special exhibition of Titian’s paintings on at the time I went in addition to their regular exhibits. From here we head to Soho for a late lunch at a quaint vegetarian cafe called Beatroot. This was followed by a visit to the Expedia office in Angel, Islington. The day ended with a walk along Regent’s Canal and an excellent dinner with friends.

We saw a lot of London over the next few days – Regent’s Park, the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, etc., and thoroughly enjoyed everything we saw, ate, and heard. The Expedia website has numerous sightseeing packages listed that one could book online for hassle-free travel — right from their Hop-on Hop-off tours to the Total London Experience, and themed highlights.


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