Edinburgh in a day – Part 1

I had decided to make a day trip to Edinburgh from London and that was easier said than done. I ended up taking the day train from London King’s Cross to Edinburgh Waverley and took almost 5 hours. One could have reached Paris or Brussels in half the time from London. However, as it turned out, the trip was my favorite of the lot and worth the time and expense.  I reached Edinburgh around 1430 hrs and was taking the overnight sleepr train back. This basically meant that I spent more time traveling than actually being in Edinburgh. I ought to have named this post ‘Edinburgh in an afternoon’, me thinks!

When I mentioned to my host from the Expedia office in London that I am really keen to visit Edinburgh, she went out of her way to help me get there. She said that Edinburgh was a beautiful city to visit and gave me pointers on places to visit. She asked some of her friends for activities to be done there and places to visit. The dungeon tour described below came highly recommended and can be booked through the Expedia site with Mercat tours (under their ‘Things to do’ category.

The ‘dungeon master’ whose commentary for the tour of the underground was fantastic!


Anyway, after getting out of the station, my agenda as proposed by a friend was to walk to ‘The Mound’ for apparently lovely views of the Edinburgh castle. I was half-way there, when I noticed a hoarding with directions to the National Museum of Scotland and the museum hound that I am, sniffed my way to the museum instead thinking I could swing by the Mound for the Castle view anytime while the museum closed at 5 pm. So, off I trekked to the museum across Waverley and the North Bridge, when I came across a tour of the so-called ‘underground city’ or dungeons of Edinburgh (which came highly recommended). They had a 5.30 pm slot open for the Historical and Ghost tour which I promptly grabbed. So after my visit to the museum and grabbing a bite at the ‘Piemaker’, I set off to the dungeon tour. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour which ended with some Scotch Whiskey and Scottish Shortbread at a pub called the Banshee Labyrinth. This was on Niddry Street and very close to St. Cecilia’s Hall which was the reason I was actually in Edinburgh.

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