Sydney lights

Sydney lights from the window of Amora at Jamison Road… the hotel where I was staying

I stood on the harbour bridge in Sydney and looked out towards the city. The night was dark and the city lights gave me a view that was unforgettable. I turned my glance towards the Opera House and saw a ferry gliding over the calm sea with its lights creating reflected hues that seemed heavenly.

On another evening I walked towards the Opera House to see an entirely different sight slowly come to life… the bridge with its lights and the city that seemed quite magical.

I realised later that city lights and the dark skies generally come together to create the greatest show for human sensibilities… and in Sydney this combination was probably the deadliest!

No wonder then that the poet within me nudged me on to pen these lines:

You make me happy, Sydney lights

Far away and it’s just a speck

A room up there, down there a deck

Is someone also watching me?

I too would seem a mere speck!

See lights reflected by a boat

Who could this be who writes a note?

It’s dark and not much I can see

Just specks and what do they denote?

Light specks seem watchful in the dark

And also seem to love the dark

Do I see darkness dancing wild

With lighted steps making a mark?

Whatever be the game out there

Both don’t mind me stand there and stare

I walk and stop, then wait and look

And Sydney lights are everywhere!

(A poem written to remember the lovely Sydney lights.)

Well, Sydney lights do weave some sort of a magic on people… and I find not just me but a lot of others walking up and down the harbour side near the Opera House, or walking up to the bridge for a better view… and some even go up the Sydney Tower to look down and dream!

All that I can share with you are a few pictures and my words so saturated with my passionate

A twilight view of the harbour bridge from the Opera House… love this shot!

Sydney lights from the walkway of Opera House…

Was difficult… but managed this shot from my Sony point-and-shoot!

Like the tone of the picture he

The Vivid Light Show lights on the Museum of Contemporary Ar

See the Vivid Light Show effects on the Sydney buildings… and you’ll experience a fraction of the mesmerizing display

This blog post has been contributed by Arvind Passey on his travel to Australia. Read more about Arvind at

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