‘Yay, I’m swimming at the edge!’

In 1993, when the American rock band Aerosmith sang, Livin’ on the Edge, little did they know that someday one could also swim at the edge. That’s right – one can, in style, at a height and in Singapore!

The biggest fad of the city, Marina Bay Sands is a huge (read: can’t be ignored) structure in downtown Singapore and it is here, at the top floor of the hotel, where the much acclaimed ‘Infiniti pool’ spreads its magical charm and addictive aura.

To be brutally honest, swimming at this world’s longest elevated ‘edge of the hotel’ swimming pool requires one to stay at the hotel, which at a bare minimum cost of approximately 500 Singaporean dollars per night is not a very modest quote!

Only if you’re as lucky as me, you’ll get invited by a friend as a guest. I’m sure, in no time you will fall in love with the word ‘guest’ and also with all the avenues it opens up when used!

Quite frankly, I have never swum at such a pool. The feeling inside the waters is ecstatic; something that comes naturally with the height and the edge. Once inside the pool, you wouldn’t wish to return. You wouldn’t wish to do anything else except standing at the edge and gazing at the height below or eyeing the city ahead and feeling the star filled sky. If truly, there are only a few manmade creations such as this.

Besides the celebrity pool, there’s a casino that is billed as world’s most expensive standalone casino property, doors of which are open to foreigners for free while for Singaporeans there’s a 100 dollar entry fee! So when you arrive in Singapore, bring some luck too!

What to do if you’re not invited as a guest? Think.

Being there, you will lose (end up paying) some dollars. Not being there, you’ll be at a total loss. Choice is yours!

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