Durian, my assassin!

In search of random discoveries, as I walked past through the streets of Chinatown, I found something that divided the nation and its people.

As a matter of fact, it holds enormous power to even divide the entire world. Just like Coke and Pepsi or Nikon and Canon, it divides people (local or foreigners) into two – folks who will die for it and folks who will die because of it.

Want to be introduced to the celebrity? Here: meet Durian – the look alike of jackfruit. The king of fruits in South East Asia. The smelling nuisance. The fruit who killed me.

Smell wise, a durian can imitate a range of things; from almonds to gym socks to rotten fish to turpentine. It has a thorny outer shell which’s capable of cutting human skin & drawing blood and a custardy inside. And because of its notorious and strong smell, it’s banned inside the MRT. Fine wise, its 500 Singaporean dollars!

Even though durian is not a native of Singapore, it’s still widely in demand and supply here. For the trivia sake, they even have a building at Esplanade that is shaped like a huge durian. Guess its nickname? Durian, what else!

A friend told me, ‘If you get past through the smell, you’ll love it’ Honestly, she was wrong! Let me tell you another fact – post the smell, there’s this slimy texture waiting inside! And, if you get past through that, I’ll disown my childhood superhero and make you the new one!

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