‘Made in China, what else?’

Chinatown is to Singapore what Eiffel Tower is to Paris.

Red lanterns hung against the clear blue sky, the aroma of mysterious Chinese meats being readied on snack kiosks, the ironic backdrop of surrounding mega tall rises, a battery of old men spending a lazy day playing Chinese chess near the Pagoda; Chinatown impresses in all quarters – colors, culture, history, gastronomy and photography!

Even barely stepping foot for a minute, one will graduate to the fact that everything sold in Chinatown is ‘Made in China.’ There are scores of Chinese eateries, Chinese souvenir shops, Chinese traditional medicine shops, even a Chinese comb shop that had its salesgirls desperately attempting to sell combs to me. They want a bald guy with combs – Good Chinese joke, I say!

Nearly all streets and alleys in Chinatown wind up to the gigantic Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum. No chance you can miss this beautiful and intricately built pagoda. There’s a certain aura that binds you inside. And even though I was in a hurry, I sat up for half an hour of silence. I was gazing at the Buddha then looking out from the tiny windows I was smiling at the outside world. Undoubtedly, I can sanction it to be the most peaceful zone of Singapore.

Getting lost in the dingy by lanes of Chinatown is a natural phenomenon. Don’t pull out the map and cure yourself from getting lost. Let it happen. Because only when you are lost is when you will discover Erich, a six foot tall, Austrian dragon that sells authentic sausages. So you know, all his sausages are styled the Austrian way and are served with a hundred percent Austrian smile! Ask Erich about the city and he will reply in a loud husky Austrian accent – ‘Wunderbar!’

This day, in extreme self confidence and faith, I pronounce Erich as the only ‘not Made in China product’ of Chinatown. Oh, chef Erich is also as actively involved on facebook as much as in his sausage trade. Find more on his page here: http://on.fb.me/LLfMYK