‘Lah, leh, loh’

“Red light cannoh (cannot) walk, only green light can walk” – where in the world will you hear a six year old say that to his mother who’s trying to cross the street while it’s still a red signal? The answer is Singapore.

The phraseology used by the kid is commonly known as Singlish or Singaporean English – a unique way of eating up a few letters, words or parts of a sentence to inadvertently come up with a version that sounds funny to the rest of the world – although to them, it’s perfectly normal. For example – ‘Also’ becomes ‘Oso.’ Yet another example – ask a salesman in a shop, “Can I take a picture?” and the guy is most likely to respond – “Can lah” or “Cannot lah” – quite efficient & crisp, no lah?

So the best souvenir to bring from Singapore? Learn some Singlish!